Complete Taig Lathe FlashCut, Powerfeed, & CNC Ready System

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This is our Complete Taig Lathe FlashCut,  Powerfeed, and CNC ready system, consisting of the complete Taig lathe and parts. It includes the thread cutting motor and a variable speed Dayton motor.  It includes everything shown in the pictures include the speed controller, the CNC interface boards and powerfeed speed controllers. It also includes the power supply for the CNC interface control YES, EVERYTHING shown in the pictures and more (We do not include the plywood base, that is something you have make yourself.)

The MicroLathe II is a machine you don’t have to baby. It is a rugged and precision machine. The MicroLathe II has a machine ground and stabilized steel bed. The standard headstock has two sealed ball bearings in its spindle. The spindle speeds are adjustable by use of the variable speed control and the position of the belt on the pulley. The Taig lathe is a precision machine with the capabilities to hog 1/8″ cuts in mild steel yet remove just a few tenths, which make the MicroLathe II a very versatile machine in it’s own right. Some big lathe features include large 0.001 inch graduations on the cross slide dial, adjustable tool post and carriage depth stop. The carriage and cross slide feature adjustable brass gibs providing full compensation for carriage and cross slide wear, it all adds up to the Best Value in small lathes!

That’s where we step in and customize and supercharge this already wonderfully versatile micro lathe.

Our unit is perfect for CNC use with the addition of the CNC capable interface boards (purchased separately). You get everything shown in the picture including a standard Taig  headstock  and a second Taig headstock machined to accept an ER32 spindle and bearings, which gives you tremendous versatility to do many things you can’t do on a regular lathe, just use your imagination.

You get:

  • Taig Lathe bed
  • Taig carriage and cross slide
  • Taig tool post
  • Standard Taig headstock with drive pulley
  • ER32 Taig headstock with drive pulley
  • Powerfeed systems for both the X and Y axes including interface boards, speed controllers and power supplies
  • Stepper motor  with a cogged belt and pulley for use in both synchronous and asynchronous thread cutting with interface board, speed controller and power supply
  • Dayton 10,000 RPM drive motor with VenTech speed controller, pulley and belts

You just need to add your own 3/4″ thick mounting board.

 Please allow up to 14 days for manufacture and shipment.

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 12 x 12 in


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