Sherline ER16 Headstock with High Speed Dayton Motor

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This is our own custom made Sherline ER16 Headstock for the Mill or the Lathe with a Dayton high speed motor and mounting bracket.

We take a basic Sherline headstock frame and then bore out the openings to receive the bearings and shaft for the ER16 collet. We add a Dayton high speed motor along with both the motor and headstock pulley, an M9 -330mm belt, and a motor bracket.

This item is custom made and has been assembled, tested, and proved with over 100 hours of operation. It produces no vibration at any speed, it is dynamically balanced.

No loss of torque at low speeds. Heavy CNC Product. All CNC Made.

The speed range for this assembly is 2800, 4200, 5000, 6000 RPM achieved by sliding the motor and changing the belt position gives you 4 speed settings. For variable speed settings you can purchase a VenTech router speed control for $19.75 from eBay. This will give you infinite control for what every application you have.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 6 in


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