BB6Corp makes custom manufactured accessories for Taig and Sherline lathes and milling machines. All of our products are new and made for a specific application. We assemble and test all of our products to ensure functionality and reliability before we ship them. Everything that we manufacture is our own design and own intellectual property although it is used in conjunction with existing Taig, Sherline, and Unimat products. Don’t be confused by higher-priced lower quality knock-offs, insist on BB6Corp quality products and our friendly customer service.

We are best known for our professional pulley systems and for our high-speed Sherline motor and headstock pulleys. However we will be known for our custom X and Y axis systems for the Taig and Sherline lathes and milling machines. You can use our systems as manual, power feed, or CNC using a CNC interface board and free software program.

Custom CNC Manufacturing to Order

We don’t keep a lot of finished goods in inventory so please allow Phil up to 14 days to custom manufacture and ship your order. Phil makes small items like pulleys 50 at a time so we more than likely he will have them in stock and will ship them right away. Most of our products are all CNC manufactured for quality and consistency. Specialty items are manufactured one-at-a-time. If you need something and you don’t see it, ask us to make it. You will find our rates to be very reasonable.

Phil Hembrough

Phil is a brilliant guy and a prolific inventor. He is originally from England and he moved to the US many years ago. Phil has a PhD in chemical engineering, was a computer programmer and retired at the age of 32. He got into custom machining because Phil flies radio controlled helicopters and he hated the quality or the lack of quality of the parts that came with the helicopters, so he started manufacturing his own parts. You will eventually see some of those parts here in the store as well. Phil now spends his days inventing new products and selling them on eBay.

Phil has a machine shop and he specializes in developing custom products for Taig, Sherline lathes and milling machines. Phil has invented hundreds of improvements for these lathes and it is my intention to get all of those products uploaded to our store. If you can think of an improvement for your lathe that you can’t make yourself, give Phil a call, I’ll bet he can make it.